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There are always people looking to change companies, join a new company, or wanting to see how they rank among the top  MLM companies (if they are even on the list). But, before I begin, let me tell you this:

This is NOT like other “top MLM company lists”!!!

top20I have read every list out there on the Internet that says they have the list of top MLM companies. It is a BIG joke. They rank the list according to their Alexa ranking (internet popularity), Google page rank, and other agenda that is SO FAR out of date and makes their top list completely worthless.

Here’s the big reason I have left those lame lists behind:

You CANNOT make $$$ with those companies anymore. Period. End of story. They are old, out-of-touch, and are so completely saturated that I cannot in good conscience recommend those companies to anyone who has any desire to make a solid part-time or full-time income.

Seriously, how realistic is it for a person to go make $100K  in a company like Amway or Tupperware? It ain’t happening. Are these good companies? Sure they’re great companies. I love Amway and Tupperware products. But, to join these MLM companies because of the business opportunity… run for the hills!

Ranking Criteria 

Subjective Factors – This is my own personal evaluation. I watch the news to see if a company is being investigated for legal matters. If a company changes its name or compensation plan, that is usually a negative factor for the current time. If a company is opening in new markets, especially Asian markets, this is always a positive factor. If the company’s earnings are declining, flat, or trending up, that is taken into account.

With more than 2 decades of experience in the network marketing industry, having consulted with thousands of people from hundreds of companies… quite frankly if you’re looking for a professional opinion that is neutral, not swaying you to any one company… well you have found the right web page.

Age of the Company – If the company is less than 2 years old, it WILL NOT be on this list. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to work with a company that is over 2 years old. With 20 years in the Network Marketing industry, I have seen hundreds of companies fall… and nearly everyone of them was a company less than 2-3 years old. You are rolling the dice if you join a company less than 2 years old. Do not believe the hype that you have to get in on the ground floor. If you don’t believe me, try a brand new company and then come back here when they close down before their 2nd anniversary in business. Less than 2 years old = 95% chance of failure. Period.

Activity Among Top Networkers – I have 15+ years of experience consulting with the industry’s top dogs. I’m talking about 5 and 6 figure monthly income earners. The big boys and girls club. What companies are attracting leaders and trending upward in popularity? What companies have their distributors excited, buying leads, holding home meetings, etc.? This is probably the #1 ranking factor.

Let’s Get On With It!

These are the Best MLM Companies! We are working on reviews of each of these companies. More reviews are coming.  This list is constantly changing, so come back… post a comment below to let me know what you think of the new list, and put in a vote for your company if you don’t see it listed.

The Top 20 Network Marketing Companies


  1. Isagenix - health, nutrition, weight loss, and beauty products

  2. Shaklee - a health, nutrition, weight management, beauty, and home care company

  3. 4 Corners Alliance Group - a financial, legal, and investment marketing company

  4. Digital Ads Pay - A digital advertising and marketing company

  5. LifeVantage - a health, nutrition, and skin care company, and even dog nutrition

  6. Gold Now Cash - using gold to build wealth that will last for generations.

  7. Ambit Energy - a fast growing energy and power company

  8. Jeunesse Global - an advanced beauty, skin care, and nutrition company

  9. Vollara - a health and nutrition company, water, air, and nutraceuticals

  10. LIFE Leadership - a well rounded company focusing on financial training and personal develeopment

  11. MakeWay Wellness - a health and nutrition company with quality products.

  12. Beachbody - A Nutrition, Fitness, Accountability = Success company

  13. Essante Organics - a health & nutrition, skin care, weight loss, and personal care company

  14. LegalShield - a legal and identity theft company.

  15. Melaleuca - a complete solution for personal care, health and nutrition, and household products.

  16. Kyani - a rising star in the health & nutrition industry.

  17. Karatbars - a Gold Bullion company that offers a business opportunity and gold as its product

  18. ACN - provides telecommunications, merchant services, energy, solar, and essential services (tv, internet, home security, cell phone service)

  19. DataWise - the highest quality marketing lists and lead generation tools

  20. Avon - a beauty, skin care, jewelry, and fragrance company
    To see the business opportunity, go to: www.start.youravon.com Reference code: adeabreu

A Quickee Overview Guide To This List

First of all, you will notice that of these 20 companies:

  • 12 companies are nutritional companies
  • 10 companies are beauty product companies
  • 5 companies are household product companies
  • 1 company is a legal services company
  • 1 company is a telecommunications company
  • 1 company is a technology company

Not every business opportunity company is for everyone. Look around and see which one is best for you.

Think your company should be on this list? Comment below and tell me why!


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