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Top 20 MLM Companies

Updated for 2015!

There are always people looking to change companies, join a new company, or wanting to see how they rank among the top  MLM companies (if they are even on the list). But, before I begin, let me tell you this:

This is NOT like other “top MLM company lists”!!!

top20I have read every list out there on the Internet that says they have the list of top MLM companies. It is a BIG joke. They rank the list according to their Alexa ranking (internet popularity), Google page rank, and other agenda that is SO FAR out of date and makes their top list completely worthless.

Here’s the big reason I have left those lame lists behind:

You CANNOT make $$$ with those companies anymore. Period. End of story. They are old, out-of-touch, and are so completely saturated that I cannot in good conscience recommend those companies to anyone who has any desire to make a solid part-time or full-time income.

Seriously, how realistic is it for a person to go make $100K  in a company like Amway or Tupperware? It ain’t happening. Are these good companies? Sure they’re great companies. I love Amway and Tupperware products. But, to join these MLM companies because of the business opportunity… run for the hills!

Ranking Criteria 

Subjective Factors – This is my own personal evaluation. I watch the news to see if a company is being investigated for legal matters. If a company changes its name or compensation plan, that is usually a negative factor for the current time. If a company is opening in new markets, especially Asian markets, this is always a positive factor. If the company’s earnings are declining, flat, or trending up, that is taken into account.

With more than 2 decades of experience in the network marketing industry, having consulted with thousands of people from hundreds of companies… quite frankly if you’re looking for a professional opinion that is neutral, not swaying you to any one company… well you have found the right web page.

Age of the Company – If the company is less than 2 years old, it WILL NOT be on this list. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to work with a company that is over 2 years old. With 20 years in the Network Marketing industry, I have seen hundreds of companies fall… and nearly everyone of them was a company less than 2-3 years old. You are rolling the dice if you join a company less than 2 years old. Do not believe the hype that you have to get in on the ground floor. If you don’t believe me, try a brand new company and then come back here when they close down before their 2nd anniversary in business. Less than 2 years old = 95% chance of failure. Period.

Activity Among Top Networkers – I have 15+ years of experience consulting with the industry’s top dogs. I’m talking about 5 and 6 figure monthly income earners. The big boys and girls club. What companies are attracting leaders and trending upward in popularity? What companies have their distributors excited, buying leads, holding home meetings, etc.? This is probably the #1 ranking factor.

Let’s Get On With It!

These are the Best MLM Companies! We are working on reviews of each of these companies. More reviews are coming.  This list is constantly changing, so come back… post a comment below to let me know what you think of the new list, and put in a vote for your company if you don’t see it listed.

The Top 20 Network Marketing Companies


  1. LegalShield - a legal and identity theft company.

  2. 4 Corners Alliance Group - a financial, legal, and investment marketing company

  3. Vollara - a health and nutrition company, water, air, and nutraceuticals

  4. Kyani - a rising star in the health & nutrition industry.

  5. Isagenix - health, nutrition, weight loss, and beauty products

  6. LIFE Leadership - a well rounded company focusing on financial training and personal develeopment

  7. Zurvita - health and nutrition, as well as weight management

  8. Shaklee - a health, nutrition, weight management, beauty, and home care company

  9. Karatbars - a Gold Bullion company that offers a business opportunity and gold as its product

  10. Avon - a beauty, skin care, jewelry, and fragrance company
    To see the business opportunity, go to: Reference code: adeabreu

  11. Beachbody - A Nutrition, Fitness, Accountability = Success company

  12. MakeWay Wellness - a health and nutrition company with quality products.

  13. DataWise - the highest quality marketing lists and lead generation tools

  14. Melaleuca - a complete solution for personal care, health and nutrition, and household products.

  15. Jeunesse Global - an advanced beauty, skin care, and nutrition company

  16. Gold Now Cash - using gold to build wealth that will last for generations.

  17. LifeVantage - a health, nutrition, and skin care company, and even dog nutrition

  18. Essante Organics - a health & nutrition, skin care, weight loss, and personal care company

  19. Ambit Energy - a fast growing energy and power company

  20. Digital Ads Pay - A digital advertising and marketing company

A Quickee Overview Guide To This List

First of all, you will notice that of these 20 companies:

  • 12 companies are nutritional companies
  • 10 companies are beauty product companies
  • 5 companies are household product companies
  • 1 company is a legal services company
  • 1 company is a telecommunications company
  • 1 company is a technology company

Not every business opportunity company is for everyone. Look around and see which one is best for you.

Think your company should be on this list? Comment below and tell me why!


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44 Responses to “Top 20 MLM Companies”

  1. Timothy Walker says:

    how does the company called Melaleuca rank? Pros and cons? ..for product quality, consumer pricing, and compensation plan Thank you.

  2. Sarah Wilson says:

    Yes, I’m also interested in your finding about Melaleuca, and about Young Living and doterra as well.

    Thank you!

  3. Do yourself a favor and check out USANA Health Sciences. It is #1 Distributors Choice for 10 years running with Network Marketing Today, listed in the top 20 on Forbes’ 200 Best Companies list for three years. It has the #1 nutritionals in North America for the past several years and a skin care line that is paraben free. If you want to learn more about these incredible products and have better health email me at

  4. Rasim Hadzic says:

    Mandura will be in top 10 MLM companies soon, they have ONE LINE system, anyone who join after you, is in your team, really great products and great support. More info, click on my name..
    Wish you all great success in any MLM company !

  5. Hilda says:

    I was in Melaleuca for awhile and gave it up once I found out that I and my youngest child was allergic to their products. When I told my upline I was allergic to it, he told me to use it any ways, and after awhile I would get use to it. That I should never stop using the product. Well when I have a 3 year old broken out and I am broken out from head to toe, and had a reaction to it that sent me to the hospital I found I was better off quiting using it, and giving up on it. When I asked if I could get my cash back for the products I didn’t use. I was told there was no money back guarantee, so watch yourself with them.

    Also make sure that your upline isn’t someone that will push you, and push you. Mine did, and he was never happy even when I recruited 10 people he wanted more. It was always more with him, and when I said I was quiting he ended up calling me back at 2 am telling me I couldn’t quit because he would lose money.

  6. Waqas says:

    Unaico-Sitetalk holding Company break the record of many direct selling companies of the World including ACN and Amways. Unaico is now going to North America; the World largest market of direct selling in the World. You can check its position in the MLM market through following link

  7. Safari Rich says:

    I just updated the list. A few dropped off the list, such as Forever Living, Send Out Cards, and Sentsy. They either had significant drops in Alexa rankings or Google Page Rank, or some other factor.

    Prepaid Legal took a big plunge from number 3 to number 18. It’s still a good company, but they are in a period of transition still, and the news and stock prices are a bit up in the air.

    The newcomeers to the list are: 4Life, Lia Sophia, and Melaleuca. Great companies.

    Sarah Wilson asked about Young Living and Doterra. Young Living was a debate. It could have easily made the top 20. I was going to put it in place of Shaklee, but chose not to. Doterra looks okay, but their numbers are not as significant.

    Rasim asked about Mandura… I don’t think so. With an Alexa ranking above 417,000, it isn’t even close to this list.

    Waqas mentioned Unaico… Again, I don’t think so. It’s not even in the ballpark yet.

  8. Matt says:

    Kind of curious what people are hearing about Visalus (body by Vi) and also iZigg. They both seem very well run and in early stages, but experience explosive growth. Love to hear some comments.

  9. Elliott Cross says:

    I am wondering how you can rank a MLM company as successful based strictly on their pagerank and Alexa rank? That only has to deal with their internet popularity in the eyes of the search engines. What about Zija?

  10. Safari Rich says:


    Two things:

    1) I understand your questioning about that, but I am not determining a company as unsuccessful or not based on these factors. It is whether they are going to be a part of the Top 20 or not. There are other factors beyond these two that I use, but those are the easiest to measure.

    2) You’re off target about Alexa and Pagerank being for the “eyes of the search engines.” Alexa has to do with how many visitors a site is getting, and nothing to do with how popular it is in the search engines. How many people are going to the site to check it out, order products, and otherwise interact with the company. It is a HUGE factor to show how popular a site is based upon the number of human visitors a website gets.

    Pagerank is a very complicated, mathematical equation/algorythm that takes into account many factors. Many of those factors involve how many visitors a site is getting, how long the visitors stay on the site, how many people are linking to the site, the trust and authority of the site, etc. It is also a very HUGE factor that shows not only how popular the site is, but how long people stay on the site and their trust of the site.

    These are two “objective” factors that cannot be swayed by a person’s opinion of a company. I have my own subjective opinions as well. For example, Zija is a good company. Pagerank 4, Alexa 330,000. They’re 5 years old. That’s all good, and I wouldn’t overlook them as a great business opportunity, but those numbers are not in what I would consider the top 20.

    So, my main concern to what you stated was that you think I am determining whether a company is “Successful” or not based on this. If that is true, then you’ve missed the point of this page.


  11. Sherry says:

    Has anyone had any experience with Zija International.

  12. Héctor says:

    What about the mlm company named Organo Gold? Does anyone know our have any info on this particular one? Where can I find legit info on mlm companies? My friend joined and he told me about and he wants me to join but I’m kind skeptical about it. If u have any info email me please at

  13. Sandra says:

    5Linx… Inc. 500 ranked as one of the fastest growing business four years in a row. Going on 11 years of success in the field of telecommunications and energy. Excellent Compensation plan!

  14. JJJamie says:

    What about Rodan & Fields Skincare? From the makers of Proactive? Sounds like a ground floor opportunity. Thoughts?

  15. Martin says:

    Matt –
    I’ve looked into Visalus. Although it is a good company that is promising growth I did more research into the science behind the actual products. It turns out they use the studies from other companies to come up with their products. They are not the innovators in the field. Most of their studies came from Nu Skin (8th on the list) and Nu Skin’s scientific board. You can email me at martinblanc10 @ if you have any questions

  16. Kim says:

    I have been looking for a home based company for months now. I did not see Watkins on this list and was one of my favorites. Curious as to why not? I am seriously leaning towards Amway simply because they offer more then one product and consumer need choice in this economy. One does not necessarily need jewelry, but can always use cleaning products that Amway offers but has the choice to buy jewelry if they so desire to or cookware or a large selection of other products. What scars me is the initial start up cost of what seems to be just under $300. What is your advice on start up cost and continuing cost in this business? Thanks you~ Kim, MI

  17. unbiased says:

    All I can say is that this list should not be considered an accurate reflection of what is going on in the real MLM world.

    If you pursue a company based on this list, you will get a good company. However, pay attention to the criteria that are used to ‘judge’ because you will miss some other truly phenomenal options.

  18. Theresa says:

    ACN rocks…How can you go wrong? Get paid on essential services, everything but air and water.

  19. DEBBIE says:

    Hi, Looking into Xyngular. It is a diet based company out of Kansas. It has great vitamins that have had lots of testimonies have helped heartburn and many other things including weight loss. They have a maintenance program so the diet doesn’t yo you. I would love to see your opinion. Thanks

  20. rocky says:

    I think Herbalife is the best company…
    The scientific formula of Herbalife is extremely unique. And backed by most prominent Scientist including Novel lourette is not a joke. And produced Guiness World Record in Weight Management.
    So, all Herbalife is not just a company, it’s Life Changing Company, Future Company…
    thank u…

  21. kim says:

    Just an idea but please check out ALL of these BEFORE you sign up. 1 company out there also sells to stores so it makes it MUCH harder to make a living that way when a store can sell the product for much cheaper.. just an FYI.. Imyself joined xango. love the products and compensation plan but more importantly LOVE my upline……If it wasn’t for the down-line in ANY company, then the up-line people wouldnt be where they are at today..Hope this helps

  22. Scott says:

    I have decided to join Mannatech… I love the science behind their products and that they are the innovators of the science.

  23. James McMichel says:

    5linx Enterprises is consistently in the Inc. 500 magazine the last 7 years as one of the fastest growing company’s in the telecommunications and mlm industries.

  24. I think doTERRA is going to be a Company to watch in coming years. This is a product I will use regardless of the amount of money I make as a product consultant.

  25. Nita says:

    What do you know about It Works? I just joined last month and I am loving the products and I have done a bunch of MLM’s and am not good at pushing people so I always end up dropping out. But these products see themselves. I have signed up more distributors and loyal customers in one month than i did in all the other MLMs total. LOVE IT so I hope you don’t return with bad news :) Hope you all have a great day !!

  26. I think you’ll be seeing some positive changes at Mannatech over the next few weeks, with their move to the Social Entrepreneur Model and the M5M – Mission 5 Million movement, as well as the upgrading of their IT.

    Roy Truett, the former COO at USANA, who build USANA’s I. T. system, has recently moved to Mannatech as President of International and COO, and is upgrading their systems, including some new tools for marketing on Facebook and other Social sites.

    They have recently improved their compensation plan, with the addition of a “lifestyle bonus.” You’ll be seeing a lot of other changes.

  27. Manuel moreno says:

    How would you compare seacret direct to emerald essentials?

  28. Ted Apelt says:

    My Fun Life is the one I am in. It is hard to beat a company that has a product that saves you more money than your membership fee, meaning that people stay in even if they are not interested in making money with it.

    I really think that discount app, discount card, and discount service companies are the wave of the future, especially ones without high upfront costs.

  29. Jens says:

    Most companies seem to be listed simply because they are old(er). Once criteria you also should mention is how the company is offering marketing tools to its affiliates. Any great start up company for instance nowadays offers free (online) marketing tools to help their affliates build their business.

  30. Jonathan Absher says:

    I have been with Vemma for 6 years. I initially got started because of the science behind the products (and the fact that they actually had double blind studies to prove it). Since then I have fallen in love with the business plan and it has truly been a blessing financially. It is great to be able to help people and have the confidence in a company with a tremendous track record. The best is yet to come! Congrats to all of the companies that made the list – Go make a difference!

  31. Melanie Hanni says:

    Doterra products have changed our families life. I have had large cold sores on my face my whole life, since I started using Melissa oil, I have not had a single large cold sore, this is such a relief for me, as I didn’t want to leave the house with one. Every family should know about these oils.

  32. peggy williams says:

    zija rocks!

  33. Josh says:

    Vemmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Absolutly the Best company, Best CEO, Best people the only company Focusing on Young people… totally in love with VEMMMMMAAAAAA

  34. Stacy S says:

    I am totally shocked that BeachBody is not on your list. Is it because it isn’t only on the internet and has much more of a widespread marketing and proven success? Can’t be that the trainers and their products were listed in the top 100 influential health industry people.

  35. Chrissy says:

    I love doterra!

  36. Safari Rich says:

    @Jens, marketing materials are hard to gauge. Almost all companies have free websites, banners, logos, etc. for their distributors to use.

    And you’re right, there are some good new companies, but I do not include them in this list because they need to pass the 4-5 year stage. That’s one of the criteria for this list. There’s too much risk in a start up, IMO.

    @Stacy, we’ll look at Beachbody at the next update. They’re a solid company.

  37. One to watch that’s new and moving up is Younique. 90-98% all natural products, animal friendly and most products are vegan. The 3D fiber mascara sells itself!

  38. Maggie H says:

    What do you know about Nucerity? I bought their Skincerity product and like it fine but not sure if I wish to get involved in the MLM component. Interested what is your take on the company as a whole?

  39. Joe Sadler says:

    What can you tell me about the copmany wake up now?

  40. mannatech review says:

    However, if the negative comments are in a website that you cannot comment on then you must email or communicate with the
    writer somehow to voice your concerns. The real question is
    precisely why are people calling Mannatech a scam.

    The reason a lot of the secrets were kept hidden was mainly to
    do with the lack of communication.

  41. Martin says:

    If anyone has a good MLM that pays email me the info please… businessgrowthtools @ realstew . com

  42. Wayne C. Mead says:

    Living the SOZO® Lifestyle is easy and empowering. Just try the products, share the opportunity with others and show them the results. You and others will begin to live a LIFE EMPOWERED….

  43. Safari Rich says:

    Sorry Wayne, but had to remove the promotions from the web page. You can suggest and comment, but not promote.

  44. Bennie says:

    I’ve been a Melaleuca customer for over 20 years and never had an issue with the products. All of the products come with a 60 day risk free money-back guarantee, and the enrollment fee comes with a 120 day money-back guarantee. If you have any issues with anything, customer service has always been great. It’s easy to enroll, and it’s easy to leave, if it turns out not to be for you.

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