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Interview with Rich Niccolls

This is an interview that I did for Sean Caudle. Sean is a long time friend and has been in the network marketing industry for many years.  He just sent me this transcript:


Sean: Rich, tell me about your background in network marketing.

Rich: My overall experience in working in a company, building a downline and so forth is limited. I have not been involved in a networking company for about 8 years or more. I have, however, owned and operated two different leads companies over the years – National Leads and SnL Leads. I am no longer the owner of those companies.

Sean: Do you mind telling me why? I know you’ve owned a leads company as long as I’ve known you.

Rich: The reasons are complex. But, let me summarize it by saying I owned them for about a dozen years. I think my well just ran dry. I enjoyed leads and the industry, but I knew there was someone better to take the helm of the company and go with it. If someone is looking for leads, go to SnL Leads. I have no benefit from that. But, I know the guys who are running it are top notch and will take it further than I ever could have.

Sean: Let me get to the heart of my reason for calling you. It’s 2015. What MLM companies do you like out there right now?

Rich: Let me begin by saying this – there are many different names for this industry – multilevel marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and so forth. I group them all together. Some people have a fit about that. They need to get over it. When it all comes down to it, no one cares. They are all the same.

Okay, back on track.

I have spoken with, consulted with, emailed, one-on-one and group conversations with thousands of people in network marketing. Over the last 12 years I have seen many companies come and go. I believe I have a pretty objective opinion about my opinions. And, I think I’m right (ha ha). However, people get pretty bent out of shape to prove their company is the best. That’s fine. But, this is my opinion. They can have theirs.

Sean: Okay, so give me who you like in the health and nutrition industry. I like to break them down according to their industry.

Rich: This one is easy. Vemma is by far and a way the best health and nutrition company out there. I don’t even believe they have a close competitor. The way BK is steering that company, they are doing things no other company is doing. And, they have a huge group of young people. There is a youth movement within Vemma that I don’t see in any other company. Most health and nutrition companies have distributors that are quite silver. Nothing wrong with having an older generation in your company, but Vemma is doing it right. Plus, their marketing, websites, edginess – they are my #1 choice.

Sean: Okay, let’s talk tech companies. Who do you like?

Rich: I don’t necessarily see a clear leader here like Vemma, but many people stay away from health and nutrition because they are weary of all the nutrition competition. But, if I had to go with one, it would probably be Global Domains International. I’ve always liked them. Their product is far more stable and they’ve been around and have gotten through the tough years. Other companies like ACN just seem to complicated, low margins, and their line of products is forever changing. They wear me out. For me, I like GDI.

Sean: Okay, let’s talk cash. There are cash gifting companies out there, or companies that deal in cash. Who do you like?

Rich: This is a tough one. Most of these companies have high buy ins and make it tough for the average person. The average person doesn’t have $2-10,000 to roll the dice. But, when it comes to cash, I actually prefer gold. There have been a couple of gold companies over the last few years. It’s a tough product as the market goes up and down in price. But, you are investing each month, buying real gold. I like that. Karatbars is a company that seems to have figured out how to handle the markets and they are growing.

Sean: Any other companies that you see as a good choice?

Rich: I’m sure there are, but those are my leaders. I think if you shop the right sponsor you can do well. There is money to be made in almost any company. As a rule, I do not like ground floor opportunities. They are too risky.

I guess if someone was turned off by those 3 companies, I would say they could look at Empower Network, Rodan + Fields, or something like that.  The reality is there are several dozen great companies. I’ve listed only 5 here. I know many people making good money with their company. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes by not listing their company. If someone has a question, ask. I know how to evaluate companies, but I just can’t list them all here.

Sean: Any advice you’d give someone looking to join a company?

Rich: One word – shop. Shop around. Find a person you want to work with, who has been successful, who has a marketing plan that you can get excited about. For example, you may join XYZ company and the person you joined with likes to do hotel meetings and in-home parties. You may like to use leads and recruit online. That’s not a good fit. You need to grow and learn new things, but find a leader that you can bust it with. Set yourself up for success from day one.

Sean: I appreciate it Rich. Any chance you’re joining one of these companies?

Rich: Me? Not sure. If the opportunity was right… maybe. But, right now I believe I am in a observe mode.

Thanks for having me.

The Day The Music Died

Earlier today “American Pie” was on the radio… still one of the most classic songs to roll out of the 70’s. It’s a sad song when you know the meaning expressed through Don McLean. He expresses a grief at least a half-dozen times, followed by the phrase, “The day the music died.”

There is a sorrow that rises up, a sadness, a grief, when something that was important, meaningful, and something you have invested in and poured your life into comes to an end.  I’m not speaking of friendships and family relationships.

When you have a dream, and it dies… that’s what I’m talking about.

What do you do when a dream dies?

Have you ever had a dream die, whether before the dream became a reality or one that you were living?

It’s tough. It takes time to recover. It takes time to move on.

So, what do you do?

Amazingly, after thinking about these things I stumbled across a new Randy Gage video “When Your Dream Dies.” I appreciate what he has to say, especially from someone who can reflect back on what it felt like in the middle of the emotions of the death of that business, and now looking back on it.

Watch this video by Randy Gage:

I’m not sure if you’ve had one of your dreams die. I know I have had two. First when we were missionaries in Africa and we came home prematurely in 1996. A dream of my entire adult life at that point died. I struggled for a long time to move on. But, in retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing now because of all the goodness, blessings, and things that have come my way since.

In late 2014, the death of my dream (my MLM leads business) happened. It carried over into 2015, and it has not been easy moving on. But, I can say confidently now, about 4-6 months later, that new blessings, opportunities, and even greater prosperity are within my reach that would have never, ever been within my reach had the death of this business not occurred.

Watch that video and be encouraged if you have recently had one of your dreams die.

Redefining MLM Rankings for 2015

Network Marketing has gone through a major evolution over the last 15 months. MLM in 2015 is not what it was at the end of 2013. The following are my observations and the main reason I decided to SCRAP the old way in which I ranked the top 20 MLM companies to a new hybrid that I believe is more accurate.

Over the last 7 years I mainly ranked a site according to it’s Google ranking, Alexa ranking, age of the company, volume of business, etc. I would say this allowed me to be about 98% objective in my rankings. I scrapped this because:

  1. top20Google has changed tremendously. Pagerank is dead.
  2. Alexa rankings are skewed.
  3. Company age is important, but not as important as it used to be.
  4. Product volume is almost irrelevant.

I have moved to a 50/50 style of ranking – that is 50% objective and 50% subjective. The subjective part is my personal, professional, and modest opinion of what I feel is best. Seriously, it is what I have observed after reviewing hundreds of companies and talking with thousands of associates.

No ranking is perfect. Someone will always be ticked off because they aren’t listed even though they believe they are the best. Others will wonder why they are #12 and not #5. But, I do know the old way of ranking things (the same old lame way other sites rank the top companies) is obsolete, ignorant, out-of-date, and out-of-touch.

To see the new rankings, just visit our Top 20 MLM Companies page on our site. It’s easy to find on the top menu bar.

What Is The Purpose of These Rankings?

That’s a good question. Glad you asked.

It is my best educated guess that 33-50% of people joining a network marketing company are not brand new to the industry. For some companies, that number is significantly higher.

toptwentyTherefore, these people are more seasoned, savvy, educated, and cautious. They want to research, investigate, checkout who to sign up under, the compensation plan, the products, they systems for recruiting, etc.

The Top 20 MLM Companies list is a place where people can come and research the best of the best.  In fact, over 400 visitors per day, 12,0000 visitors per month visit our site, and the most popular page by far is our Top 20 list. They want to see what is best.

Whether you call it network marketing, affiliate marketing, cash gifting, multi-level marketing, or whatever – please hear me clearly on this – it is all semantics. Period. The differences are so minute, it isn’t worth mentioning. The reality is that it is all under the same umbrella known as MLM.

And, people are looking for the top MLM companies. They don’t care about the differences. What they care about is – are you successful, can they make money, is there a system to build with, are the products any good… in that order.

So, check out the list. Enjoy it, and if you wonder why your company isn’t there… well by golly, leave a comment and tell me why yours is worthy of being in the top 20. I listen. I respond.

Earn $500 – $1,000 per month WITHOUT MLM

How about a no-hype, you earn what you do, no multi-level, recruiting, juice, vitamins, etc. way to make money?

That’s what I’m talking about. Toss aside all the stuff where you pay $250-$1,000 to join some MLM company and have your whole income hang in the balance whether you can recruit your mother, uncle, mailman, waitress, and stranger who just happens to bump into you at Barnes and Noble.

Let’s look at 2 main programs where you can earn a nice, part-time income putting in about 10 hours per week, from home.

1) Doing Surveys – yes this is for real. However, I’m not talking about those surveys that you see online about whether you choose Coke over Pepsi. These are surveys that help companies streamline their marketing and refine their products.

The author of this course shows how he is doing $3,000 per month doing surveys. Yes, you can do that, but I’m being realistic with my schedule, and so it is realistic for the average person to make $150-$500 per month doing some of these surveys, PLUS get to use some really cool products too.  You can check it out here:

Get Cash For Surveys – Click Here

Working from home, part-time, making $500 per month is easier than you think.

Working from home, part-time, making $500 per month is easier than you think.

2) Doing Gigs on – This to me is the clutch, the secret, the best opportunity out there for making good part time money. If you’re not familiar with what is, go check out their website and see ALL they have to offer.

Now, it isn’t as simple as signing up and setting up shop… well it is and it isn’t. There is a good, better, a not very good, and the BEST way to get set up to start making money with Fiverr.

The best I have seen is from a guy, Corey, who does about $4,000 per month working very part-time. He will show you how to get set up, what to offer, and how to make your money.

Again, I’m living in a real world, and while I know you can make $4k per month, or even more, I’m looking at setting up shop and making about $300 – $1,000 per month. Is that realistic? You bet it is. It is well within the world of being realistic, and I think you can do so by following Corey’s course.

Get Corey’s How To Make Money on Fiverr by clicking here.


You can choose one or both of these courses. I know many who do both and make a nice part-time income… enough to quit their second job or even have their spouse quit their job so that at least one parent is home with the kids. It’s not a bad option at all.

Again, yes you can bust it and do all this full-time, but I’m not speaking to that crowd right now. I’m talking about making extra money so you can meet your budget and have $$ left over to enjoy life more…

…without joining some crazy network marketing company, without getting a 2nd job at McDonald’s or delivering pizza.


I Quit MLM

Have you ever heard that statistic that 95% of network marketers never make more than $300 per month in their home business? I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of that.

Don’t believe that cliché.  It is a lie on 2 accounts.

First, 95% is way too low. It’s not even 97%. It is 99.2% never make any form of decent money that does anything more than cover the cost of their products. And very few make anywhere close to covering the cost of their products and any money spent on conventions, marketing products, leads, etc.

Second, $300 is way too high. Less than .5% ever make more than $300 net profit in their business.

It’s a joke. The dream is a lie. The freedom is an illusion.

For more than 16 years I have been in this industry. I have been one of those in the top .5%. I have worked with thousands and thousands of network marketers during this time. What I have concluded – it’s a travesty.

Is MLM good?

Sure it’s good. I like some of the products. I respect many of the company owners. I respect many of the top .1% of those who are making money. In fact, I have told my wife that if I am ever diagnosed with something severe, I want large doses of Ambrotose powder from Mannatech. I believe Mannatech has the best products of any network marketing company out there. It’s not really up for debate. They are in a class all by themselves.

What is feels like to be free from being involved in MLM

What is feels like to be free from being involved in MLM


But, selling people on a dream of financial freedom is a joke. It’s an illusion that even Houdini would be envious of. In what world of reality is making $200 while spending $400 a month a dream come true? Tell me, when does spending more money than you’re making ever bring about the good things in life?

Let me give you another dose of reality. Those who are making less than $300 per month will see that disappear in about 3-6 months anyway as their downline quits. You will be lucky to replace one person for every three or four that quit.

Is MLM good? Not by these definitions it’s not.

Want to know the truth?

99.2% of the people are living vicariously off the dreams and “the good life” of the top .1%. You know it’s true.  It’s never about your own life. It’s always about watching the videos and applauding and idolizing the people who are on stage.

What Is Really Wrong with a J.O.B.?

MLM had bashed the word “job” for so many years in order to build itself up. They say it is “just over broke.”

That’s not your job’s fault. That’s your fault. Don’t deny it. If you’re not making enough money in your job, that’s not your boss’s fault. Money flows to those who are worthy of it. As you become more, your money becomes more. As you stay the same, your money becomes less.

Blaming the job is highly irresponsible and pushing the blame on someone else. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror.

You are who you are and you have what you have because of a series of hundreds, thousands of choices made over months and years.

Many people love their life. They work nice jobs that they are content with, happy with, challenged with. If you’re not any of those, maybe it’s time for a change, but stop buying the cliché that jobs are bad.

My Least Favorite People

My least favorite people that I face on a regular basis are people in network marketing and MLM. Why? Because so many of them are obnoxious, self-serving, self-centered, and snobby. They aren’t snobby because their bank accounts are fat, but because they look down on those who don’t buy into their scheme, scam, or delusional dream.

Think about it. If you had a friend, whether a current friend or a friend from high school, who opened a pizza restaurant, landscaping business, or clothing store, do you think they are sitting at home or in their office making a list of their family, uncles, aunts, third cousins, postman, tenth grade classmates, every member in their church, etc. etc. etc. It’s ludicrous and it is some of THE WORST business practices since the beginning of time.

One lady I know, Elaine, is aggressively avoided by those that know her at school when she picks up her kids, when she walks the halls at church, when her name pops up on caller ID or in the inbox, or any other time. I have watched people hide, turn the other way, and have their kids move away from her kids so they won’t have to talk with her.

I realize this is not the case with most people, but the things that network marketers a told to do:

  • Buy a bunch of crappy leads and cold call strangers
  • Go sell your friends and family
  • Go put flyers under windshield wipers
  • Pitch your waitress
  • Put some stickers on your 15 year old Ford about freedom, health, and wealth
  • Spam the crap out of people
  • Buy 1000 post cards, spend $500 to you can maybe make $50
  • Sneak up on people and drop in on people you haven’t talked to in years.

I had someone knock on my door on Tuesday night. A lady I haven’t talked to in 5 or 6 years. She said she had been thinking of me and that she wanted to share with me something that she felt was a good fit for me.  Are you kidding me?! We didn’t talk much then, and what makes you think you know what fits for me now! Give me a break!

The happiest people I know  are those not in MLM or have finally walked away from it. Finally, free to be happy!

The happiest people I know are those not in MLM or have finally walked away from it. Finally, free to be happy!

The Bottom Line

I’m done with this ridiculous and insane industry called network marketing and MLM. Some companies like Vemma are trying to change it saying they are now an affiliate marketing company. And yet others like Melaleuca say they aren’t an MLM or network marketing company. When it’s all said and done, you are all MLM companies and I’m done.

And, I hope you’re done too. Maybe instead of pouring anymore of your heart, mind, soul and money into some disillusion, maybe what your heart, soul, mind, and bank account needs is for you to spend time with your spouse that is free from conversations of misguided dreams, “if only this would happen,” and instead free yourself from the shackles of MLM.

Maybe you need to invest your money in going back to college instead of going to one more convention or buying the next new line of hype from your upline.

Maybe you need to find a new job, or focus 100% of your energy into the job that God has blessed you with, with even a fraction of the energy you run the treadmill of network marketing. Just maybe you will start to find joy that was there all along but you blinded yourself to. And who knows, maybe, just maybe you will be worthy of a better position within your company because you have become a more worthy person.

Here’s the bottom line guys…

If you like making less money than your spending, having your friends and family dread your mere presence, drive a wedge between you and your wife/husband, and dream a dream that is not your dream to dream, then continue to chase after your best ole MLM. After all, they need you. They need your money and for you to be a lemming that will continue to flap your gums with the worst business clichés.

It’s time to wake up from the nightmare and enjoy a life of true freedom.

Let me finish by saying this – the happiest, most joyful, and blessed people I know have no connection to MLM. They have found pure joy in life and have found a life that is meaningful and on purpose. They are blessed to be a blessing. The opposite of this seems to be more the reality. The most frustrated and unhappy people are those who can’t seem to find the fulfillment of their dreams in network marketing.

Maybe that says something.

Failure Does NOT Define You…Your Response DOES!


Many people struggle this time of year. They realize how short they have fallen for their goals of the year.  Failure is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to define you. Sit down with a snack and a drink, and listen to what Dani Johnson has to say.

Extra Cash With Google Adsense – Part 2

Here is part 2 of using Adsense in the coming year.

If you are searching out information on how to make an extra $500 a month or more from home online, creating niche websites is your best bet to get started as quickly as possible. It is a simple online business model where you build content websites to promote related but specific niche products, services and topics in a niche market of your choice. But because it is not a get rich quick scheme, you won’t be wealthy overnight and you have to work hard to make the system work for you successfully.

Also, you need to be focused, hardworking and disciplined to create a simple website successfully especially if you are working on a shoestring budget. The good news is that you can start your own business from home with this model and earn full time income from it over a period of time.


What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is simply a theme-based content website built to target related but specific subject, products or services in a niche market. Let’s look at how to make money from e-business as an example. This will be a very broad subject or topic to cover for any beginning online business owner. But you can narrow it down to a niche in the broad e-business topic by creating a niche site on how to make money from affiliate marketing say promoting physical affiliate products. You can even go deep down to how to make money with Amazon affiliate products marketing targeting a specific sub category and product to promote and sell.

From the example above, you can see the flow of the process from broad market to niche market. That is from e-business to affiliate marketing and then to Amazon affiliate marketing with specific attention to a sub category and product to promote. When you learn how to create a niche website on specific topics like the example above, you will surely get highly targeted traffic to your website. The number of website visitors may be low in volume compared to targeting the broad market but they will be people who are keenly interested in your subject or product.

This is how to make an extra $500 a month or more from home online creating niche websites. You can keep these niche websites to make passive income online month in and month out or simply sell your websites to earn lump sum cash. Yes, you can flip your website to make extra money online since you already know how to create a niche website and make it profitable.

The steps outlined below are what I usually follow to build niche affiliate websites. You can also create niche sites and monetize them with contextual advertising such as Google AdSense or sell digital products. There is no limit as to how to monetize your website as far as it is legitimate and acceptable to your visitors.

The steps are:

  1. Research and select a niche market
  2. Choose monetization model(s) that best suit your niche website
  3. Conduct keyword research and market competition analysis
  4. Register a domain name and buy web hosting
  5. Create your niche website with a WordPress blog
  6. Build backlinks and promote your niche site
  7. Make money, rinse and repeat

The above steps are not hard to master if you are determined to succeed. This is how to make an extra $500 a month from home online creating niche websites that are profitable.

Do you want to learn and master how to build a niche website and make money online from home consistently for the long term? Then click here now to download a comprehensive handbook on how to build simple websites successfully and make money from home on the internet. You can keep these money making niche sites and continue to make passive income online from it or simply sell your websites for profit and build another one.

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Can You Still Make Money With Adsense?

There are various ways in which you can make money online. One of the most popular options is to run Google AdSense on your website or blog. Find out more about this method and get an idea of what your profit will be given the investment which you have to put in and the earnings which you will generate.

How It Works

As its name suggests, this is a program for running ads. You have to make an application to join and program and meet a set of requirements, which include website ownership, functional design and content of good quality. Once you get approved, ads generated by Google AdSense will appear on your pages. They are typically relevant to the website’s content or relevant to the unique visitor’s search and browsing history. You will have little control over the appearance of the ads. You will get paid per click and per impressions as well. This is how you can make money online.


The Required Investment

You will have to invest in a unique domain name and in a web hosting service. These costs are fairly small, however. You can use a free platform for building your website instead of hiring a professional in order to save money.

The most important thing which you need to focus on is content and its quality. It is essential for you to produce informative and attractive content on a daily basis. It is a good idea to focus on one topic as such websites typically get higher search engine rankings. You should use all effective SEO and online marketing tools and techniques. In order to make money online with this platform, you will benefit from removing ads from other platforms.

You stand the best chances of approval if your website has over 100 unique visitors per day. This means that you will have to invest a good amount of time and effort in developing your website. If you use professional SEO and marketing services, you can get more effective results, but it will still take time to achieve them.

Potential Earnings

There is no such thing as fixed pay rate with Google AdSense. There are complex algorithms which determine the pay for each individual ad displayed. One thing to keep in mind that the commission of Google is about 32% of what the advertised company pays. Additionally, you will get able to get your money once the balance on your account goes beyond $100.

The most effective way to make money online with this ad network is to get more traffic to your website and to keep it high constantly. Hence, you need to keep investing in the development of your website.

Find out how to use proven Ways to Make Money Online and start earning profit from the comfort of your home. Get essential information and tips on how to Earn Money Through Google AdSense.

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