A New Breed of MLM Lead Company

There is a new MLM Leads company that you may or may not have come across over the last several month:

SnL Leads

Now, SnL is not “brand new” with no experience. They’ve actually been around for more than a decade, but recently created a new site to focus on doing leads in a more customer-focused approach where you will not be “nickled-and-dimed” to death while trying to grow your network marketing business.

For example:

  • Leads cost 25-60% less than other MLM Leads companies
  • You get a free, state-of-the-art leads back office (see below)
  • Want female only or male only leads? No extra charge
  • Not oversold.


Here’s why I like SnL Leads

First of all, the prices. Compare the price of leads at SnL to other leads companies out there. For example, a Real Time Nationwide lead at SnL – $1.57 per lead. Compare that to B** M** L***s (I had to bleep out some letters… but you can figure that out) – and you’ll pay $3.95 per lead. That’s a $2.38 difference!  That’s a $47 difference with a batch of 20 leads!

In doing leads for more than 15 years, I have never seen any lead that proves it is worth the extra $47.

Here’s are two more examples.

Fresh Interviewed Leads at SnL – $1.07 per lead. Compare that to El*** M** L***s, and you’ll pay $2.25 per lead.

Fresh Surveyed Leads at SnL – $.85 per lead. Compare that to F*** Cl*** L***s, and you’ll pay $2.25 per lead.

I get it though. Sometimes you just like to get leads where you like to get leads. That’s cool. But, while I’m paying half what you’re paying for the same results… well… that’s your issue.

Second of all, the back office. There are some companies that want to charge you $15-$30 per month to have their back office. That’s nice.  Most companies offer you a back office for free, but there’s nothing to it.

SnL Leads offers a back office like the ones you have to pay for, including autoresponders, contact manager, calendar, full lead control, ordering, etc…. all for free with your order.  Why pay for something that you can get for free.

Also… and this is so HUGE for me. There are many companies that will delete your leads or purge them after 30-90 days. Yikes!  You just paid a bucket load of cash, and then they’re gone!  At SnL, your leads are stored permanently in the back office.

Third is when you want gender specific leads.  Nothing sucks nearly as bad when a company wants to charge you 10-30% more just to get female only MLM leads.  What?

Think about it. Why should you have to pay more when there is really no extra service provided. There’s no extras added. You are just getting all female or all male leads.

SnL Leads does not nickle and dime you to death with all of these extra charges. Let’s go back to that Real Time Nationwide Leads example.

  • SnL Leads Female Only Leads price: $1.57 per lead.
  • The Other Company: it is now $4.74 per lead for the privilege of getting your leads sorted to female only. Ummm… no thanks.

Listen, I know people have their preference, uplines have relationships with certain leads companies, etc. I get that. But, when it all comes down to the money in my wallet at the end of the day – I just believe buying your leads from a company like is a smarter choice.



Are You on LinkedIn?

Are you on Linkedin?  If so, I can help you.  If not… why not?

This blog post will be brief.  If you’re in network marketing, MLM, or some form of affiliate marketing, one of your primary social networks you need to be focusing on is Linkedin.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are all fine, but Linkedin is where you meet professionals, industry leaders, people who are searching and building profiles and resumes to make themselves more attractive to prospective employers and business owners.

With all the other social networks, who knows what the average income is for any given user. FB, Twitter, etc. may be someone who is 15 years old or a 27 years old still living at home.  That’s not the kind of person you want to recruit for your business.

But, what if you could find a network of millions, successful people where the average income is over $100,000 per year?  And, it costs you nothing.

It’s time to get serious about Linkedin.


The Big Linkedin Obstacle

If you treat Linkedin like Facebook or Twitter, you’ll get no where.  For example, you don’t post a photo of yourself holding a fish you caught, stuffing your face full of cake, or your baseball team’s logo. You need to post a more professional looking photo. You don’t need a suit and tie, but you need to give the impression of success and professionalism. A nice head and shoulders photo is great.

You make connections with people from various industries where you work and where you’re targeting. Always be professional. Join and start interest groups that grow and attract more people. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Get yourself to the top of the search rankings when someone types a search into Linkedin.

You can build massive lists of contacts, post your articles, videos, and more.

The big obstacle – most of us have been “ruined” by Facebook and Twitter by posting what we had for dinner, boasting about our favorite team winning, the bad winter, etc. THEN, when we get to Linkedin, we don’t know what we’re doing.

Linkedin works and operates differently. You can’t do LI like you to FB.

Learn From The Best

I am recommending you spend $97 for the Linked Influence course by Lewis Howes.  I signed up on April 21, 2014.

I have already grown my network to 98 people (as of right now). I have received several messages from people who are searching my profile, asking more about my business (yes, yes… they are coming to me), and have even received 2 messages to check out a couple of job opportunities (I’m not looking for a job right now, but it’s nice to know I am catching the eyes of some corporations).

I have modules 4 and 5 to complete yet, but just through the first 3 modules, I have received very nice activity.

$97 dollars… that’s pretty darn cheap for a lifetime of leads and networking, putting yourself into the Linkedin community, optimizing your profile and connections so you can grow your business.

Here is the link to the Linkedin course:  Linked Influence 2.0

After You Sign Up

After you sign up, get your profile updated, a nice photo – connect with me.  I will connect with you and we’ll grow our Linkedin connections.

Also, as a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” – I will endorse you and you can endorse me. It builds credibility when others are looking at your profile as to whether you are worth doing business with.

My Linkedin site:

Let’s connect, help each other out, and grow our businesses in 2014!

When is it Your Turn?

Having a home business is the best thing that has ever happened to me personally and financially. My brother was the first to expose me to the idea but was only 14 and had to wait another several years before he was able to step into his dream. Naturally, I resisted but then everything became crystal clear, the possibilities, the limitlessness of the business model and the ability to go as far as I could build for myself. But not for myself, for others.

Legal-ShieldI have served in the military for over a decade, spent several years in law enforcement protecting my community and loved ones, and even though all those memories are near and dear to me, there is nothing like being there helping another achieve their dreams. Dreams they no longer dared to dream, dreams they thought were unachievable and dreams benched for far too long.

Victory Six LLC

Whether that dream is to spend more time with your family, spend more on your family, free yourself from a job, increase in your position, get promotions, or have the ability to pursue something completely different, finish school or continue it, travel, pay off debt, give, buy homes, sell homes, build homes, you can do that here… You might even be here because it may be your health you are wanting to improve or someone else’s you love. Your dreams may not at all be listed here, yours so unique, integrated into the very fiber of your being. Whatever your reason is for being here and reading this, we can find a way to achieve it. Together, with and as a team, and with the incredible mentors we work with.

I am not the same person I was when I started working in this business. The peace, the sense of security, knowing what I am building I can pass on to my children and my grandchildren and the joy of the positive ripple effect flowing through people’s lives simply by sharing an idea.

An idea I would like to share with you. If it is not a fit that is totally okay. I have a LOT of amazing colleagues I can refer you to. If it is, great, we can go from there. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Maureen Bautista
(301) 842-7003


Best In Class

What is THE #1 MLM Company to join, right now, here in 2014?

I’m sure everyone has their opinion, but, as an objective author, I believe I am more qualified to tell you what company is best, probably more than anyone out there.

Pretty bold claim, but I’m not IN a company, so I can tell you what I have observed, without trying to persuade you.

Health and Nutrition MLM Companies


This is the largest of all categories, so I will give you 2 companies that are worth joining in 2014.  If you like either one, let me know in the comment box below and I’ll give you the name of someone to contact, a leader, so you can get started.  No one is paying me, so I will do my best to connect you with the best.

Vemma – this is the most cutting edge nutrition company out there. They are the most exciting and market savvy company, along with some pretty great products. The ownership is top notch, and they have a very simple pay plan.

I like them better than the rest because their marketing is bold, their products are top tier, and so many other companies are trying to keep up with where they’re going. Many of the other nutrition companies are “me-too,” boring, and haven’t changed with the times.  You cannot go wrong with Vemma.

doTERRA – this isn’t really a nutritional supplement company, although you can get them. They are an essential oil company.  There are only 2 essential oil companies worth talking about, but doTERRA is heads and shoulders above Young Living.

As far as marketing goes, doTERRA is a little boring. They seem to be afraid of the internet. But, the quality of their products makes up for this.

Technology and Energy MLM Companies

For those who want to do MLM but want to stay away from nutrition, this is a big category.

ACN - They have been around a long time and still offer some cutting edge tools, marketing, and products. You have to get quite a few people in your downline to make long term money, but who doesn’t need cell phones, internet, and satellite TV?  Besides, Donald Trump likes this company.

They have stood the test of time and have proven that they can adapt to the changing technological climate.

Energy Company…. ehh… not my cup of tea. I’m sure I would be mocked by some for this, but I simply don’t like energy companies.  You cannot market them in every state (in fact, very few states), and worst of all, the U.S. Government is the one that de-regulated the energy companies, which means they can step in and make some other twist. Personally, I do not like the prospects of the U.S. Govt having power to mess up my business.  For me, it’s a bit too risky.

If you want to chase a buck and go where the money is hot, go for an energy company. But, if you want something long term, this could be a sector to stay away from.

Other Types of MLM Companies

There are other types of MLM companies out there. There are legal services, silver coins, financial services, travel, kitchen and household goods, etc.

Legal services (aka Prepaid Legal or Legal Shield) was once hot, but they have a high dropout rate and too many company changes.

I like silver coins. In fact, I like ISN Coins. I used to like Numis Network, but they shut down and merged with a travel company (how wierd is that!).  I just like the idea of making money with money.

Travel is a big deal. But, I find it risky.  The business models of these companies all seem a bit suspect, and you end up paying huge prices for company vacations. Travel agents hate travel MLM companies, so don’t think you’re going to become a travel agent by joining one of these companies.  I called them “risky” because in my observation of several of these companies, there has been a significant amount of instability.  Instability causes distributors to run.

That’s it.

There are a gazillion MLM companies out there… and I’ve only chosen 4 that are worth while… in my most humble opinion.  Want to know more? Click on one of those links above and do a little research. I know leaders in all those companies that can help get you started.

Choose whatever company you want. I know people making 6-figures per month in many other companies besides these I’ve listed. But, if I had to choose one, I do one of these.

Auction at BTG Penny Auctions – Possible Home Business For You?

If you have a habit of coin collecting, or have some loose change lying around, here’s your chance to make good use of it.

Purchasing commodities has never been easier, or frankly, any cheaper. BTG Penny Auctions is a dedicated portal with the most unique auctioning experience ever, giving you the opportunity to purchase things that you like for insanely cheap prices.

Popularly termed as one of the most addictive auctions on the internet, this off-beat auction system needs just one go before you get the hang of it and begin your journey to purchasing your favourite commodities at great prices.

penny-auction-imageThe items up for auction on BTG Penny Auctions are all brand new and come with the same warranty as offered by the manufacturers. Towards the end, if there are bids placed at the very last moment, the auction times are increased by 15 seconds. The commodities are possibly the most profitable deal you’re ever likely to get! See them here:

Here’s the interesting part. You can place your auction bids according to certain rules depending on the type of auction available to the commodity. To clear your confusion, here’s a quick outline of the different kinds of online penny auctions you can enter into on BTG Penny Auctions.

The set price auctions are auctions taking place on items with fixed prices. So even if the bidding war goes on to $250 on an item with a fixed price of $15, well, the winner just needs to pay $15 for the item! Here’s the ideal opportunity to get that cool new camera you’ve always wanted at just $15!

The totally free auctions are even more interesting- because they’re completely free to the winner! That’s right you don’t need to pay anything at all for these if you win the bidding war! There’s another category of one penny options called one cent auctions, where the prices for bidding begin at just a cent and go up by only that value after each bid! And if you’re a night-bird, BTG Penny Auctions also have night auctions limited to the night.

For an exciting and unique shopping experience, all you need to do is sign up at BTGPennyAuctions and begin bidding. To start you off, we offer you Ten FREE bids without an initial fee! If this is a business opportunity you want to look at go to

So hurry up and join the community at One Penny Auctions; your chance to enjoy the most thrilling shopping experience with Btg Penny Auction.

Why Joining BTG 180 E-Commerce Business Will Get You Financial Freedom!

There are business opportunities everywhere; the chance to make money and establish yourself can present itself to you at any point in time. However, certain business opportunities are different- with a different overall agenda, giving you a fresh perspective on anything around you.

BTG 180 (Bids That Give) is a US based affiliate program, which is your ticket to successful business opportunity for financial freedom with a welcome twist. The program is wholly committed to assisting underprivileged children all around the world. In other words, this is your chance to make something for yourself, as well as help alleviate the suffering of millions of children all over the world who starve, are sold or used as sex slaves on a daily basis. Dedicated to the cause, CEO of BTG 180, Mr. Randy Jeff ensures that a part of the monthly profits is donated to this cause.

With this opportunity, you’re not just making money, but also doing a good deed, a fulfilling and satisfying act.

So, what’s BTG 180 all about?

BTG-IMAGEA venture that’s been around since 2012, BTG 180 is a business opportunity that complies with every requirement of the SEC and other authorities in the States.

One component of the website offers one of the most unique penny auction opportunities on the internet. Built by the same company that fitted the Quibids suction site (which today is a 25 million a month venture), this is a great option for ensuring lucrative money making opportunities to individuals.

Aside from the BTG penny auction site, BTG owns and operates three other money making portals, which are all multimillion dollar businesses in their own stead. The Cash Back portal is one that allows customers the option to get their cash back by shopping from over 5000 retail stores online. As for how you profit- the more number of customers you direct to the site, the more money you make!

The BTG 180 Mall allows you to avail the cash that constitutes the difference between the wholesale and retail prices of the goods sold. All you need to do is get customers to purchase the products by promoting it through ads! It is the easiest money making scheme! See it here:

The next component of BTG business, the Trivia Site is where you can get customers to sign up and answer popular trivia questions for free; the more number of people that sign up because of you, the higher your profits are. You can even set up accounts with restaurants, gaming zones and sports bars to up your profits!

If you don’t like all the business models that the website has to offer, you’ve got nothing to worry about. BTG also gives you the option of working whichever you like so that along with making money for yourself, you also enjoy the process along the way!

With BTG 180, you can achieve the three-fold goal of making money, doing some good in the world, and enjoying yourself along the way. To get started, just visit

Wendell and Yvette Wilkins

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